EIC Book Release – Edmonton’s Investment Climate & How You Can Benefit

February 5, 2019


I’m very excited to announce that I’ve just launched a brand-new book detailing all the incredible recent developments in the Edmonton International Corridor. I’ve been working on promoting the growth in this region for over a decade, and now we are seeing more amazing results than ever before. Everyone is talking about what’s going on south of Edmonton, so I decided it was time to bring all that information together in one place.


In the book, I share some of my experience with growth in the Corridor and some trends to watch for. The book is designed to help ensure everyone knows exactly what’s happening and what to expect in this bustling region of economic activity. I’ve laid out all the ways you can best benefit from what’s going on in the region. Plus, I’ll walk you through new and upcoming investments, what to expect for infrastructure and public works, and how commercial, industrial, and residential markets are going to explode with growth in the next ten years.


This is an extremely exciting time for the region – and for the province as a whole. New developments are flooding into the corridor, creating more investment potential than ever before. At this very moment, we’re all posed to take advantage and profit from taking a role in the region. 


The EIC book is available in full color print and as an e-book. You can get your hands in it by visiting the book launch pageor by calling or emailing my teamto request delivery of copies directly to you. 




Amazon Investment Means Thousands of Jobs, More Business & Improved Transportation Routes


In December, Amazon announced that they’d be creating and opening a new fulfillment centre in the Edmonton International Corridor. The 1M square foot facility will be constructed in Border Business Park, and it’s expected to bring with it hundreds of construction jobs, as well as about 600 permanent jobs in the completed facility. 


When I heard the announcement, I was floored. I’ve been talking for years now about how the Corridor has the potential to attract international brands, and here’s one of the best examples yet. This is already creating a massive ripple effect in the region. The province is talking about transportation more and more because of the increased concern about transporting goods fast and effectively. This may have even played a role in the announcement of the new 65th Avenue interchange.



New Ripples in the Corridor Generating Hundreds of Thousands in Continued Investment


No one can ignore how fast the region is growing as each ripple of development spreads out. But how do we know that investment and development will continue? By following the trends, we can predict some of the upcoming results we’ll see, and what that will mean for everyone in the area. Each major action in the Corridor has been followed by an even larger ripple, in addition to hundreds and even thousands of smaller ripples. 


Following the announcement from Amazon, the province revealed that they’d be pouring $33M into the much anticipated 65th Ave Interchange. This infrastructure is badly needed to ensure traffic for commuters and goods delivery services can run completely smoothly. In addition, this interchange is expected to bring with it over 4000 jobs. Additionally, the interchange has created a secondary ripple effect. The province expects that it will result in an addition $600M in investment in the Corridor.



The Future of the Corridor is Bright for Investors Taking Advantage Now


Commercial opportunities abound in the Corridor right now, but as more major investments are revealed, these spaces are filling more quickly and pricing is becoming competitive. Businesses that want to enjoy increased visibility and traffic are currently seeking leases in well-situated buildings. Investors willing to build with confidence will be best positioned to benefit as the region develops.


Still, within a few years, the options won’t be quite as bright. Gaining an advantage in the leasing market requires acting ahead of the crowd. That’s why I’m working so hard to inform people of what’s going on now, while there is still and abundance of opportunities available for investors. 


The investment opportunities in the commercial market are matched in the residential markets. Neighbourhoods and subdivisions situated directly in the Corridor are few and far between. With an influx of traffic, jobs, and workers in the region, there will be plenty of people searching for rental accommodations, giving residential landlords the confidence that their investments will be fruitful for decades to come. 



We’ll Deliver Your Free EIC Book Copies 


In addition to the e-book version of Edmonton International Corridor, we’ve created a beautiful print version that allows you to take your time and come back to the information again and again, and to easily share it with others. 


My Cancom team is currently out in the Corridor and beyond, making sure that everyone who has a stake in the Corridor or could benefit from the ripples has one of these in their hands. This is a stepping stone to understanding where to position yourself and how to take a piece of the major market share coming to our region. I’ve dedicated the past few months to making sure everyone is aware of what’s going on and what’s upcoming. 



Join Us for a Mastermind Networking Event to Find Out Where Investors are Putting Their Money 


The Real Estate Mastermind is a networking event that brings together people across Edmonton. We meet over lunch once a month to discuss the most hot-button issues in Edmonton’s commercial and residential sector. For the next few months, we’ll be focusing on how the Edmonton International Corridor ripples are currently spreading faster than ever, and where people and businesses can catch them at their most successful and profitable points. 


Come to the REM meeting to: 

  • Meet other people and professionals in the region 

  • Enjoy a delicious complimentary lunch 

  • Learn about the Corridor, and which investment strategies are going to pay off most right now

  • Meet myself and the Cancom team and ask us questions directly  

  • Get your hands on as many copies of the EIC book as you can


The Real Estate Mastermind event will be held on March 2nd. Click here to register


If you can’t join us for this get-together, you can register now for an upcoming event. We’ll be hosting these monthly on the last Saturday of the month, starting on March 31st. Check out the event listing on Eventbrite (link) to reserve your place. We look forward to meeting you in person and connecting you with some of the most incredible people, ideas, and opportunities in our bustling real estate market.  









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